Cusp ofcarabelli- frequency, distribution, size and clinical significance

Dhanalakshmi S and Don K. R

Background: The Cusp of Carabelli is a characteristic morphological trait often seen on the palatalsurface of the mesiopalatal cusp of maxillary permanent molars. Dental anatomic featuresare used primarily to determine a person's identity. The significance of a dental anatomical trait depends on its frequency of occurrence and distinctiveness in a given population.
Objective: To determine the Frequency, Distribution, Size and Clinical significance of Cusp of Carabelli
Methodology: A total of 100 students and patients of Saveetha Dental College, Chennai, India (females 68 and males 32) were randomly selected and were examined for the prevelance pattern of cusp of carabelli.
Results: In our study, prevalence of cusp of carabelli was found to be only 7%. The predominant gender showing presence of cusp of carabelli was found to be females (85.71%). The predominant distributionwas seen in maxillary right First molar (32%).

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