Corporate governance and csr compliance: an analysis of three blue chip companies

Sandeep Nath Modi and Samir Kumar

This study analyses the corporate governance (CG) practices of three prominent Indian manufacturing companies, based on four variables namely, Corporate Governance Practices, Corporate Governance Structure, Board Meetings and Corporate social Responsibility Activities. Three companies namely HUL Ltd., Reliance Industries Ltd., TCS Ltd., were chosen, as they represent significant compliance of Corporate Governance practices and accomplishment of CSR activities among the private sector companies. The study finds that though the CG practices are exemplary, there exist differences in the way the companies adopt the CG practices. Recent developments in CG in India after liberalization era have also been covered. CG is important in Indian context because of the scams that have occurred since liberalization in 1991 for eg. the UTI scam, Ketan parekh scam, Harshad Mehta scam and the Satyam fraud case.

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