Consumer behaviour towards seafood and seafood safety - a review paper

Nashila Rahmaniya and Mini SekharanN

Seafood, rich in omega 3 fatty acids, a lean source of proteins and other essential nutrients has been recommended to be consumed more frequently by nutritionists and health experts. The safety associated with consumption of seafood is an important concern for consumers, making seafood a high involvement food product, in everyday life.Marketing seafood efficiently is a challenge due to its specific quality and safety attributes. Literature on consumer behaviour studies which focus on seafood safety is sparse though there are many consumer behaviour studies on seafood available. This paper highlights, the determinants of consumer behaviour towards seafood safety. Consumer’s attitudes, preferences, and perceptions towards seafood safety and also consumer’s knowledge and information on seafood safety determine purchase of seafood. Sustainability and traceability of seafood products also influence consumer behaviours towards it. This paper examines consumer behaviour towards seafood safety and highlights consumer attitudes and perceptions associated with seafood consumption.A common attitude of consumers is to pay a great deal of attention to quality and safety aspects of seafood which influence their purchasing behaviour. In general, consumers are better aware of the content and effect of harmful substances than of nutrients in fish. An attempt is made to enlist the strategies to reduce seafood perceptions of seafood consumers.

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