Conflict and insecurity in select novels of anita desai

Nasreen Begum and Glory K. B

Anita Desai’s protagonists are psychologically disturbed and abnormal with personal relationships, rejection and co-dependence. Her works are different from those of other Indian women writers in English. Conflict is the difference of feelings, ideas and attitude in different individuals. No two individuals will be the same we have our own way of thinking the differences in interests, feelings and desires will result in conflict which affects our actions and decisions in our real life. The opposing ideas in relationships will continuously cause mental struggle. The oppressive atmosphere prevailed in novels depicts the psychology of fear in women. Anita Desai protagonists are forced to involve completely in routine life regardless of their interest and tendencies and they are in thirst of justice, security and identity. Security and identity are essential for a woman to develop a better quality of life. It is well known that darkness prevails in the absence of light. In the same way insecurity and depression filled the hearts of women. In’ cry the peacock’ (1963) the protagonist Maya suffered from Neurosis, the feeling of insecurity is one of the symptoms of psychic disorders. Monisha in’ Voices in the city’ (1965) is in conflict about to live in that bizarre city or to succumb herself .She is in conflict of survival in that tough orthodox, Bengali family and committed suicide. Nirode is depressed with his failures in life and feels exile to busy city Calcutta. Anita Desai has shown different view of protagonists in ‘Bye Bye Black Bird’ (1971) in which Sara and Adit were in the existential conflict for their settlement. ‘Where Shall We go this summer’ (1975) is a very interesting novel which revolves round the city Mumbai and Manori Island. In ‘Fire on the Mountain’ (1977) Nanda Kaul had shown conflict in her identity. The ability to imagine one in others place and understand their position, feelings, desires and sufferings leads to contented life. Acquisition of problem solving skills is essential for every woman to occupy a very significant role in the society

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