Comprehensive intellectual capital management as a supplement for knowledge based theory and resource based theory

Sigit Hermawan

The purpose of this study was to analyze the concept of integration of Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Management that can improve and update by the Resource Based Theory (RBT) and Knowledge Based Theory (KBT). The research method is qualitative interpretive approach and grounded theory research. The study states that the concept of integration of IC and KM can improve and update the RBT and KBT as the basic theory of IC and KM must be adapted to the conditions of pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia. Thus there are changes in the concept of improving and updating RBT and KBT be complementary role RBT and KBT. The management model that is used to supplement the role of RBT and KBT is a Comprehensive Intellectual Capital Management ( CICM ) model because it is very complete and comprehensive as well as an integration or combination of IC and KM .

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