Comparison of hematological parameters of ckd patients’ pre and post haemodialysis- a cross-sectional study

ClevinRashmi Rebello., Preethi G Hegde and Prasad BK

Background: Chronic kidney disease is one of the emerging life threatening disease in India.

Aims& objectives: To compare the haematologicalparameters in chronic kidney disease patients, pre and post haemodialysis and to correlate their values with duration of haemodialysis.

Materials & methods: Cross-sectional study was done on 29 patients registered for haemodialysis at Karwar Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital, Karwar, Karnataka.5ml of whole blood was drawn from these patients by venepuncture. Two such venous samples of each patient were drawn, one 15 min prior to haemodialysis and another within 10 min post haemodialysis. The venous sample was immediately analysed for complete blood cell count by hematology autoanalyser. The collected data was statistically analysed using Microsoft excel 2010.

Results: Statistically significant increase in RBC count, Haematocrit, Hb, Granulocytes and Granulocyte%, while significant decrease in Lymphocyte% was noted posthaemodialysis. Prehemodialysis mean values of RBC count, Hb, Haematocrit, MCV are less than their normal range, while mean value of MCHC was higher than the normal range. There is insignificant change in mean value of MCV. On correlating the values of pre-dialysishaematological profile with duration of haemodialysis, there was significant negative correlation between duration of haemodialysis and Haemoglobin content (r=-0.27), MCH(r=-0.33), MCHC(r=-0.42).

Conclusion: Early screening of CKD patients for haematologicalparameters is necessary to avoid pre and post haemodialysis complications.

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