Comparative study of obstetrics outcome in cases of placenta previa with and without scarred uterus

Ruchi jindal., Khushpreet Kaur., Arvinder Kaur and Manpreet Kaur

Objective: To compare the incidence of placenta previa, associated factors, complications, placental position, mode of delivery and fetal and maternal outcome in scarred (Group A) and unscarred uterus (Group B) in 12 months of hospital based study.
Material and methods: In a one year prospective study, 86 cases of pregnancies beyond 28 weeks of gestation complicated by placenta previa were identified. These cases were divided into two groups, scarred uterus (Group A), 48 cases and unscarred uterus (Group B), 38 cases.
Results: The incidence of placenta previa in scarred cases is significantly higher than overall incidence. Majority of scarred cases had anterior placenta. The number of unbooked cases was high in both the groups. There was one mortality each in both the groups. Results showed a favourable fetal outcome.
Conclusion: An increase in the incidence of prior caesarean section and advanced maternal age probably contribute to a rise in the number of pregnancies complicated with placenta previa and its association with adverse maternal and perinatal outcome.

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