Comparative study of electrocautery versus chemical cautery in inferior turbinate hypertrophy

Gautam H. K., Kanaujia S. K., Kumar V and Maurya D

Objective: To compare the efficacy of electro cautery and chemical cautery in inferior turbinate hypertrophy. Material and Method. A total of 40 eligible patients with were allocated into 2 groups: From July 2015 to June 2017. Each of 20 patients who underwent electro cautery and chemical cautery. Patients were evaluated on the 7th post-operative day and 6 month after the surgery Result. Significant nasal obstruction and rhinorrhoea reduction 6 month post-procedure. The complications were more common in electrocautery than chemical cautery. Conclusion: Chemical cautery is easy to follow, has less complication ,but failure rate is high, whereas electrocautery is procedure with less failure rate, but has to carried out under special precaution and has more discomfort postoperatively.

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