A comparative clinical evaluation of shaddharna churna and pre-probiotic capsule in cases of irritable bowel syndrome(ibs)

Deepika Dwivedi., Girish singh and Ajai kumar Pandey

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a functional disorder of Gastro-intestinal tract (GIT) with not well defined etiopathology in conventional system of medicine. As a disease entity it’s comparable to Grahani roga & Pakvashayagata vata roga of Ayurveda, where motility of GIT is greatly hampered. The management of IBS seeks attention of research scholars because of inappropriateness of its management. In this emerging scenario the present clinical study was conducted in 90 patients to test the safety & efficacy of Ayurvedic formulation Shaddharan Churna in cases of IBS. In this series, a total 74 females and 16 male’s cases were enrolled fulfilling the diagnostic criteria of Rome-III of IBS as well as exclusion and inclusion criteria. The patients were randomly allocated into three groups, viz- Group A- on preprobiotic, Group B on Shaddharan churna and Group C- on preprobiotic & Shaddharan churna as per prescribed dosing schedule. The cases were assessed on subjective and objective parameters for three successive follow ups on every third week. At the end of clinical trial patients of Group B showed significant improvement on different parameters such as Rome III, Birmingham questionnaire, IBS severity score (Frances et.al. quality of life), mucus present in stool and CRP. The overall assessment of degree of improvement in different trial groups reveals that patients of Group B showed significant results comparison to Group C & Group A. We finally conclude that Shaddharan churna is as effective as preprobiotic and imparts additive effect with ongoing preprobiotic therapy. No unwanted effects were noted during the trial period. So, the selected formulation is safe and effective in cases of IBS.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24327/ijcar.2017.5864.0820
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