Comparative analysis of the growth of paddy (oryza sativa) crop by using slag, cow manure and municipal solid waste compost

Mir Syeda Yuhannatul Humaira and Manoj Ranjan Sinha

This paper attempts for assessing the effect of MSW compost, slag and cow manure on the morphology of paddy (Oryza sativa). Remarkable variations were observed due to different levels of organic manure on plant height, number of leaves, number of roots, shoot length, root length, yields/tray. In the MSWC, growth performance of paddy was significantly better than that of control. Application of varying compost rate to nutrient deficient soil had significant effect on growth. The residual effect of applied compost had significant influence only on plant height but not on all other growth parameters. There was no significant difference in leaves of the cow manure and control. However effect of compost applied had significant (p<3.01) effect on biomass accumulation. 40% slag had significantly healthiest leaves in its shoot and roots. The effect of different levels of compost application on biomass yield revealed that tray with 60% compost accumulated highest biomass. This had significantly higher values than those of other compost rate.

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