Company performance: analysis of hardskill, soft skill and motivation at the pt. manunggal perkasa

Gimbal Doloksaribu

This study aimed to analyze the Hard Skill Effect, Soft Skill and Motivation either partially or simultaneously to the Company's Performance in PT. Manunggal Perkasa. In this study using primary data and secondary data by distributing a questionnaire tool. The samples are saturated sample of 62 respondents. This data was obtained using multiple linear regression analysis, correlation analysis, t test, and F test. Results from multiple linear regression calculations to analyze the equation, that is Y = 6,842 + 0,152X_1 + 0,264X_2 + 0,208X_3. The results of the calculation of the t test, between hard skills, soft skills, and motivation against the performance values obtained on the t test tValue> t table, namely 2.622 and 0.011 significant after t value it must find t table value (α = 0.05) is 1, 99. Because the value t Value> t table namely (2.622> 1.99) with a significance level <0.05 (0.000 <0.05), then Ho is rejected, the conclusion that hard skills, Soft Skills and Motivation partially significant effect on performance. Results of the calculations for 21.744 ftest obtained with a significant level of 0.000 after f valuevalue it must find f table (α = 0.05) was 2.76. Because the F value is greater than the Ftable (21.744> 2.76) with a significant level of 0.000 <0.05, it can be concluded that Ho is rejected, meaning Hard Skills, Soft Skills and Motivation jointly affect the performance.

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