Channel estimator and digital self-interference cancellation for full-duplex systems

Selima Sahraoui, Michael Bocquet, Yassin El Hillali and Atika Rivenq

The main target of the next generation mobile networks is to provide high data rates and to overcome the scarcity of the frequency bands. The full-duplex communication allows two users to simultaneously transmit informations on the same frequency band. The most important issue of this system is remove the interference caused by the mobiles transmission signal to its own receive antenna. In this paper, a digital cancellation for a full-duplex communication is proposed. A theoretical approach of the two channels estimation is also studied. The maximum likelihood-based algorithm is used to perform an estimation of the self-interference and intended channels. Moreover, a zero-forcing equalizer is used to restore the signal of interest. Finally, several results based on the mean square error (MSE) and bit error rate (BER) are shown in order to assess the cancellation performance and the estimation efficiency of the proposed method.

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