A case of leriche sydrome

Kishan Raj.K., Sakthivel. V., Arun Kumar and Sairam.J.B

Leriche syndrome is an aortoiliac occlusive disease due to blockage of abdominal aorta as it transitions into common iliac arteries. First described by Leriche and Morel in1940, is an atherosclerotic occlusive disease characterized by complete occlusion of the infrarenal aorta with the clinical tetrad of absent femoral pulses, intermittent claudication, gluteal pain and impotence. Here, we present a case of 51 year old male, a chronic smoker, who came with complaints of pain in both the lower limbs since 2months. On examination he was found to have absent dorsalis pedis, popliteal artery and feeble femoral pulsations bilaterally.

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