Building the next generation of african health researchers in africa with brazilian government and university co-operation - a case report

Hamilton dos Prazeres Tavares, Adriano Dias, Débora Cristina Damasceno Meirelles dos Santos, Suelma Beatriz Marques Prata Tavares, Natércia Paulina Simba de Almeida Gabriela Marini, Fernanda Pícolo, Joelcio Francisco Abbade, Paulo Adão de Campos, and Mar

An efficient Brazilian co-operation programme within the undergraduate and post graduation courses wascreated in 1981 to enable students coming from developing countries to take on their post graduate courses. So far, about1, 600 undergraduate and postgraduate students were selected, from that 20% comes from Africa. We have reviewedthe strengthsand weaknesses to emphasize the impact of PhD research training agreement between Brazil and Angola within the scientific community. Also how Angolan PhD works will have an effecton Brazilian student. It took several steps in Angola to make possible to research, such as to meet a relevant research subject for the country, as well as for the undergraduation programme, the sponsorship and the project manager, the responsibility to maintain this co-operation between countries in a long term and, finally, to enhance a powerful network among Angola, Africa and Brazil.

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