Bio-enhancer using bio waste

Aniket Ravindra Ingole and Rahul Ashokrao Tapke

Bio enhancers square measure chemical entities that promote and augment the bioavailability of the medicine which square measure mixed with them and don't exhibit synergistic impact with the drug. the requirement for bio enhancers arises thanks to medicine that square measure poorly out there, administered for long periods, toxic and Expensive. Bio enhancers will be classified supported their natural origin yet as supported the various mechanisms evoked by them once together with medicine to boost their Bioavailability. The varied bio enhancers out there square measure chemical irritant, garlic, Carum carvi, Cuminum cyminum, lysergol, naringin, quercetin, niaziridin, glycyrrhizin, stevia, and cow body waste distillation ginger. Out of those, Cuminum cyminum and niaziridin square measure the potential bio enhancers of future. Therefore, the need of the hour is to hold out in depth analysis on these bio enhancers in order that they might be utilised within the drug formulations.

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