Bearing strength of steel fibre reinforced silica fume concrete

N.Venkata Ramana

This paper presents the bearing strength of silica fume concrete with punch to bearing area ratio of 10. The cube compressive strengths are also found in the experimental work for estimation of bearing strength by using IS456-2000 code provisions. To evaluate cube compressive and bearing strengths cube specimens are cast and tested in the compression testing machine. Total six mixes were prepared with and without addition of crimpled steel fibres. In the mixes the silica fume was used as partial replacement to cement and this dosage is varying from 0 to 25% with an increment of 5% and the steel fibres addition for the mixes are 1 and 2% by volume of specimen. The results are indicated that, the maximum compressive and bearing strengths are obtained for the 15% of silica fume mix and also noticed that as the steel fibre content increases the strengths are increased in all the mixes. Few regression models are developed to estimate the bearing strengths as a function of characteristic compressive strength and percentage of silica fume replacement.

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