Bail and its reform: a study

G. Keerthna

this paper deals with the monetary value of the security, known also as the bail, or, more accurately, the bail bond, is set by the court having jurisdiction over the prisoner. The security may be cash, the papers giving title to property, or the bond of private persons of means or of a professional bondsman or bonding company. Failure of the person released on bail to surrender himself at the appointed time results in forfeiture of the security. One of the reasons for this is, as already mentioned above, and is the large scale poverty amongst the majority of the population in our country. This is the precise reason why most of the under trials languish in jail instead of being out on bail. The under trials who are charged with petty crimes will more be place in reformatory homes instead and asked to try and do community service until the time they’re free on bail. Instruction facilities should be granted to those under trials area unit uneducated and illiterate. Thus, it is felt that the advantage of bail mustn’t solely be within the hands of a couple of, but, ought to be on the market to the lots together with those that don’t have the money capability to afford it.

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