Awareness on tooth sensitivity and excess consumption of aerated soft drinks - a survey

Ashwin Kumar S.P

Aim: To find the relation between soft drinks or aerated drinks that causes sensitivity.
Background: Soft drinks contain a lot of sugar. The decay of the sugar particles in the soft drink causes sensitivity first and then in further stages the erosion of enamel and tooth decay can also take place. Over time, a hole develops which is called a cavity. The sugars in the soft drinks interact with bacteria in the mouth to form acid. This acid attacks the teeth. Both regular and sugar-free sodas also contain their own acids, and these attack the teeth too. Soft drinks have phosphoric acid and citric acid, which wear away the enamel of the tooth and can cause sensitivity.
Reason: To create awareness among the public about the hazards of soft drinks.
Results: According to the survey taken most of the people are aware that soft drinks are harmful to them and it also causes tooth sensitivity due to the erosion of enamel.

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