Awareness amongst dental students about the harmful effects of beverages

Mugilan MR and Preetha S

Aim: To establish awareness amongst dental students about the harmfulness effects of beverages.
Background: Beverages are liquids specifically prepared for human consumption. It is also a part of culture of human society. Beverages including juice, soft drinks, and carbonated drinks, have some form of water in them; As water is essential for life, it has also been the carrier of many diseases. The over-consumption of sugar-sweetened soft drinks is associated with obesity type 2 diabetes, dental caries, and low nutrient levels. Sugar-sweetened" includes drinks that use high-fructose corn syrup, as well as those using sucrose caffeine is linked to anxiety and sleep disruption when consumed in excess.
Materials and methods: The questionnaire included the basic information like subjects, name, sex, age. All these questions were framed to understand in depth how the intake of beverages could affect our life style.
Result: In this study we came to know that only 58% of dental students out of 100 was aware about the harmful effects of beverages.
Conclusion: Most of the students are aware of harmful effects of beveragesbut stillthey do not restrain themselves from these habits.

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