Association of irregular eating habits and occurence of pimples in adolescents

Nancy Selva Mary, V

Aim: To study 150 adolescents to create awareness of irregular eating habits and occurrence of pimples.
Methods: 15O adolescents from different areas of Tamil Nadu which include City, Urban, Rural areas the study involved around 20 questions on various aspects of irregular eating habit, diet and occurrence of pimples in adolescents.
Result and Discussion: The study has focused among adolescents in Tamil nadu. the result shows that the skipping of food may leads to pimples due to lack of protein rich food and continuous irregular diet may lead to loss of calories and decreases in body functions. unbalanced diet may lead to a loss of healthy skin these may cause the major problem for pimples in adolescents.
Conclusion: This study creates awareness among the adolescents due to irregular eating habits leading to pimples.

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