Assessment of the awareness of complications of stroke among stroke patients

Deepti Anna John and Halleys Kumar

AIM: To assess the awareness of the complications of stroke among stroke patients.
Objective: The objective of this study is to find how many stroke patients are aware about the complications of stroke
Materials and Methods: A questionnaire will be given out to 50 stroke patients.
Background: The stroke is one of the most common cause of death and disability in India.It is an acute neurological injury that occurs due to vascular pathological injury such as brain infarction or haemorrhage.Stroke is classified into three types such as Completed stroke, Evolving stroke and Transient ischemic attack .The time at which stroke gets diagnosed determines the outcome of the disease.If left untreated for a long time, it could lead to various complications such as bed sores, deep vein thrombosis,brainoedema, pneumonia,urinary tract infections, seizures, clinical depression and also could lead to another stroke.
Reason: Due to the lack of knowledge about the complications of a stroke,could lead to further deterioration of the patient suffering from stroke.Hence awareness about the complications could help increase the mortality and morbidity of the patients

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