Arthroscopic acl reconstruction: average rate blood loss in postoperative drainage in 210 patients in 24 hour duration

Ravi Gupta., Jagdeep Singh and Nitin Bither

Background: suction drains have frequently been used after surgical procedure for the removal of blood or discharge and prevention of haematoma formation. Little data exist on the effect of routine use of postoperative drainage after arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACL), although literature has failed to support the benefit to this practice. However, its use after ACL reconstruction is practiced by number of surgeons. This study evaluates post operative drainage following primary arthroscopic ACL reconstruction using quadrupled hamstring graft in 210 patients.

Material and methods: A prospective study was conducted 210 patients underwent ACL reconstruction with hamstring graft between January 2011 to December 2012 for postoperative blood loss in intra-articular placed closed suction drain in 24 hour duration. Drain output was noted for the first 24 hours postoperatively

Results: Mean drain output at the end of 24 hours was found to be 157.7mL. Out of 210 patients, notchplasty was performed in 39 patients. The mean blood loss was found to be 222.6 ml in the patients who underwent notchplasty as compared to 142.9 ml in patients without notchplasty. This difference in blood loss was found to be higher in the notchplasty group and was statistically significant (p value <0.001).

Conclusions: The average rate of post-operative drainage following ACL reconstruction is 157.7ml/24hr which increases significantly following notchplasty. Suction drainage can be beneficial in ACL reconstruction especially in patients having notchplasty to reduces pain and improves the range of movement of the knee in the early postoperative period

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