Arsenic induced hepatotoxicity and damage of pancreatic islets in albino rat: a possible role of diabetes mellitus

Srikanta Guria

Arsenic as a potential risk factor for diabetes has been received attention recently. However, the roles of arsenic on development of diabetes are unclear. The aims and objectives of this study were to investigate the arsenic induced diabetic condition by examining histology of liver and pancreas. The pancreatic sections of the treated group showed marked morphological alterations. Photomicrograph of histology of treated pancreas exhibited the disruption of islets, disorientation of cells and disrupted connective tissue septa. Treated liver revealed central vein congestion and dilatation of sinusoidal spaces. Treated liver showed lower PAS response. The changes of pancreatic islets may reveal an inhibition in insulin synthesis. In this study, changes in the architecture of pancreatic islets as well as liver may be the reason behind diabetes, but further experiments needs to be performed.

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