Arduino based blood leakage monitoring system in hemodialysis therapy

Rizvana M and Rajashree S

The purpose of this paper is to design, and characteristics of a bracelet monitoring device for blood leakage detection during hemodialysis treatment. The design includes a Photointerrupter, Bluetooth module, and alert components. The validation results show that it only needs a very small amount of blood and takes 1.6 sec to detect a blood leakage. As long as the patient wear this bracelet it gives monitoring signal to the health care unit. The absorbent material is placed at the Photointerrupter. Once the blood leakage occurs the absorbent material which is placed at the Photointerrupter absorbs the blood and the alarm will triggers. A warning light will also be activated, and a detecting signal is transmitted to the healthcare station. Immediately the health worker take action to prevent this risk. The proposed system continuously give out an alert for 18-h long and continuously monitor upto 41 hours. This system is more convenient to the patient and also healthcare workers

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