Approach to acute abdomen - a surgeon’s perspective

Verma D.K., Tushar Aggarwal., Abhinav Verma and Pawan

The major constraints of surgeons in rural areas being either specialists of other fields (Anesthesia/Radiologist/Pathologist) being unavailable or no blood bank facilities in majority of rural hospitals. It is said, “Everybody’s business is no body’s business”, but in
rural setting, every business is surgeon’s business. The key to best outcome in rural areas is, operate only when necessary and do the minimum possible, and at the same time, do not delay a necessary operation and do the maximum when indicated. The Aim of Surgery is that it should be safe, affordable, available near the point of demand and it should reduce mortality, morbidity and disability. It is thus of paramount importance to have adequate insight as to how to identify an acute condition and to provide adequate and timely help to tide it over. As said, “A stitch in time saves nine”.

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