Application of led in surface mines – a case study

Aruna M., Lakshmipathy N., Abhishek Kumar Tripathi and Murthy Ch.S.N

In surface mines where natural light is not available, especially during night hours, artificial light is provided for better seeing, which facilitates increased production, reduces worker’s fatigue, protects their health, eyes and nervous system, and reduces accidents. The important aspect of lighting design is to provide sufficient illuminance on visual tasks. Scientific design of artificial lighting is very important to fulfill the lighting standards as prescribed by various regulatory bodies. The factors like type of luminaire, mounting height, pole interval, aiming angle etc., govern the design of lighting installation. As a case study, an illumination survey was carried out in a limestone mine and its existing lighting system is redesigned with different lighting sources, with the help of developed design model. This study demonstrated that by adopting the optimal design parameters in mine illumination, the minimum required lighting standards could be fulfilled and the total annual cost would come down to approximately 47%.

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