The antimicrobial nature of azadirachta indica (neem) in various polar and aquoeus extracts against escherichia coli

Geethanjali B., Dinesh Kumar V., Kumar JR., Avinash KO., Chandrashekrappa GK and Kanthesh M Basalingappa

In the advent of development multiple drug resistant strains of microorganisms, the clinical and therapeutical fields have turned their interest to the traditional and ayurvedic form of cure and medicine. India, being a tropical wet and dry land, has a rich tradition and custom of the usage of medicinal and natural form of curing ailments and maintaining health. Given the rich history of the ayurvedic practices, the first literature mention of the use of medicinal plants is found in Rig-Veda literatures. One such widely used medicinal plant abundantly found in India is Azadirachta indica, commonly known as Neem. In this paper, the antimicrobial nature of this medicinal plant extract is tested, observed and recorded against a human pathogen Escherichia coli.

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