An analytical study of stricture urethra by retrograde urethrography

Anil G. Joshi

Stricture urethra in males is a common health problem encountered by the urologists. It is associated with a significant financial cost and potentially debilitating outcomes. The present study aims at analysis of stricture urethra in male population so as to provide guidelines for the urologists to decide better treatment option for patients. This study was done in the period from 1st Jan. 2015 to 31st Dec.2016 including 121 male patients with diagnosis of stricture urethra, (diagnosed by Retrograde Urethrography - RGU). RGU has proved to be gold standard primary investigation for evaluation of entire urethra which can serve as a roadmap for urologists to treat the disease. In this male population study, the 30-40 years of age group was commonly affected and the common etiological factor was active or healed infections of urethra. The average stricture length observed was upto 3mm and the common location was bulbo-membranous urethra. In cases of stricture urethra, RGU has proved to be a baseline imaging modality to assess urethra proximal and distal to the strictures.

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