An analytical study on causes of attrition in bpo companies of nagpur


Employee attrition in aninadequate measure is enviable for arrival of original ideas in any type of organization. It supports organizations to sustain their dexterity in fast changing environment. It brings in new blood, opens up new outlooks for change, development and improvement, shows opportunities to expand operations and add to the creative lines of the organizations. Attrition in a partialamount can thus carryachievements to the organization. But if attrition rises over a certain level, the gains are changed into pains. The purpose of this study was to identify causes of attrition in the BPO sector of Nagpur, with special reference to various big and medium BPO in Nagpur. To achieve this assignment, both quantitative and qualitative research approaches have been used. Anon-experimental survey, using a semi‐structured interview, was employed as the primary instrument to collect data. This was supplemented with a questionnaire and focus groups. The broad objective of this research is to identify the root causes of attrition in BPO.

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