Analysis the effect of competence and organization culture to motivation and performance at urban village in bekasi city

Suharto and Abdul Rivai

This study aims to analyze the influence of competence and organizational culture on the motivation and performance either partially or simultaneously in Urban Villages in Bekasi City Region. The population of this study is all urban villages and its peripheral scattered in 12 districts in Bekasi City Region and identified 56 urban villages and 224 urban villages, while the sample is 140 respondents. Quantitative analysis method using path analysis, followed by determination analysis (R Square), partial hypothesis testing (t test) and simultaneous (F test) with alpha 5 percent (0,05). Prior to further analysis, the requirements analysis test is performed. Analytical tool using SPSS version 21.0 for windows. The results showed that the competence and organizational culture partially and simultaneously have a positive and significant effect on the motivation and performance, as well as the motivation to have an influence on the performance of Urban Villages in Bekasi City Region.

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