Analyses of bioaccumulation of astaxanthin in fenugreek sprouts

Bharathi Ravikrishnan., Abirami Selvaraj., Ragunathan Manickavallii Gurunadhan and Jayanthi Jayaprakash

In the present study an attempt was made to use the prawn exoskeleton as biofertilizer to grown fenugreek sprouts. The presences of astaxanthin from the prawn shell and in the astaxanthin treated group of plants were analysed by TLC. The antioxidant analyses of the control fenugreek sprouts and the astaxanthin treated groups showed that in the astaxanthin treated group the antioxidant level was found to increase from 56% to 76%. In spite of the good growth the total chlorophyll was found to decrease in the astaxanthin treated plant.

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