Acute bacterial meningitis in a tertiary care centre in south india –a study

Lizy Mathew., Bhargavi.L and Sumangala Bai

Amongst infectious diseases that continue to plague children and adults in both industrialized and developing countries, bacterial meningitis has a unique place.
Objective: Aim of the study was to study the cases of bacterial meningitis during one year, to identify the common pathogens, their antibiotic sensitivity patterns, the common age groups affected, seasonal variation, clinical outcome etc.
Methods: 668 patients admitted with symptoms of acute bacterial meningitis were included in the study.
Results: Primary pathogens still rank first among the etiological agents of acute bacterial meningitis. Precentrifugation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples increased the isolation rate. Heated chocholate agar was superior to ordinary chocholate agar for isolation of Hemophilus influenzae and for performing antibiotic sensitivity.

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