Absorption coefficients of few restorative dental materials

Rajasekhar E., Ramakrishnaiah N., Disha Jain and M.Chandra Sekhar

The change of intensity of the material can be explained in terms of absorption coefficient. The measurement of absorption coefficient, half value layer and pH-values of few restorative dental materials were investigated using gamma radiation. Results show that composite resin has shown lowest absorption coefficient and Zinc Polycarboxylate has shown highest absorption coefficient values. As a result of low absorption coefficient, composite resin was considered a very good absorber and a good material for shielding gamma rays. A low absorption coefficient was desired as restorative materials used in the tooth. A high absorption coefficient was desirable where the material covers soft tissue. Descending order of absorption coefficient of the restorative dental cements were Zinc Polycarboxylate (ZPC), Zinc Oxide-Eugenol (ZO), Zinc phosphate (ZP), Silver amalgam (SA), Glass Ionomer (GI) and Composite resin (CR). Absorption coefficient can best be used in sorting the gamma radiation shielding abilities of dental materials.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24327/ijcar.2017.3487.0299