“Prevalence of dysmenorrhea and it’s effects on quality of life in college going girls”

Ashika Tanna, Jenali Sommaiya, Jalpa Dobariya, Pooja Doshi and Riya Shah

Introduction Dysmenorrhea is painful cramps of uterus during menses. It is a common gynecological condition that can affect as many as 50% of women. This situation not only has a significant effect on the quality of life (QoL) and but also on personal health.

Objectives To find out prevelence of Dysmenorrhea in college going students. To find out effect of Dysmenorrhea on quality of life in college going students. To estimate the prevalence of dysmenorrhoea in adolescent girls to assess the use of drugs for dysmenorrhoea.

Method College going girls selected based on inclusion & exclusion criteria. MDQ and Q- LES-Q- SF were asked to individual participants and score were filled by a student. Data analysis was done by using graph prism software.

Result Correlation analysis was done by using Sperman test and it shows there is significant effect of dysmenorrhea on Quality of Life (p=0.00465).

Study concluded that there is no significant correlation between MDQ during menstrual cycle and Q-LES- Q-SF statistically but there is observable correlation of MDQ during menstrual cycle on Q-LES- Q-SF.

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