Virtual learning environments. a proposal for its evaluation

Rubí Estela Morales Salas and Daniel Montes Ponce

The learning environments facilitate to those who are in it, the promotion and reinforcement of the feelings of security, dignity and solidarity, involving actions, experiences, attitudes and multiple relationships with the environment and the infrastructure necessary for the accumulation of the purposes that are made explicit in any educational proposal.
This article proposes an instrument in a Checklist format to evaluate any platform as a Virtual Learning Environment, responding to four spaces or general indicators: Information Space, Mediation/Interaction Space, Instructional Design Space and Exhibition Space. Likewise, criteria are used according to the functions and activities carried out by the advisor and virtual student. These in turn arise from the analysis and interaction of the consultants achieved in discussion forums and portfolio activities through collaborative work.
It is classified as a qualitative research, descriptive in nature, as it is not limited to data collection, but also refers to and analyzes the interaction of the consultants achieved in the discussion forums and portfolio activities through the collaborative work of the course "Virtual Learning Environments" developed in a virtual learning environment.

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