Treadmill training with partial weight bearing in hemiparetic cerebral palsied children

Radwa S. Abdul-Rahman and Abd El-Aziz A. Abd El-Aziz

Background: The purpose of this study was to evaluate dynamic postural control in spastic hemiparetic cerebral palsied children following the participation of a physical therapy program including; treadmill training with partial body weight support (30% relief of total body weight) using the suspension system in addition to a specially designed exercise program. Subjects:Thirty spastic hemiparetic children ranged in age from 7 to 10 years old participated in this study. Methods:They were classified randomly into two groups of equal number, (control and study).Balance parameters were assessed using the Biodex stability system in both groups before and after three months of the application of the treatment program. The Results: of this study revealed statisticallyhigh significant improvement in the measuring variables of both the control and study groups when comparing their pre and post treatment mean values. Conclusion:, more improvement was noticed in the study group when comparing the post treatment mean values of the study group with the control group.

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