Theory of 3-folds 5-dimensional universe

Yogesh Vishwanath Chavan

In this Theory, the equivalence between “Mass” and “One Dimensional Imaginary Straight Line” is proved by embedding Mass on Imaginary Line. Also, based upon current experimental data, empirical formula is derived which gives upper limit on energy scale up to TeV with minimum size equal to value of charge (Q). These both concepts with The Standard Model of Particle Physics are used to arrange particles (Fermions and Bosons) in 3 Folds way in 4th Imaginary Space. Mass of Fermions, % Distribution of Matter, Relation between Inertial/Gravitational Mass with Gluon is shown by self explanatory figures. Nature of Graviton, Photons and Dark Energy is discussed, here. Finally, matter-Antimatter Asymmetry through 5th Dimensional Rotation is proved.

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