Systematic introduction of robotics education in early childhood education

Rodríguez Torres J and Pérez Díaz V.M

The new technologies in education is an avant-garde theme that is being approached from different perspectives. We have to focus our efforts in introduce the robotics science in education, in the earliest years as it will be pre-school education. These days we can see how studies and articles are limited, practically non-existent, for what we propose a sequence of activities, that detail how and when to introduce robotics in the classroom with differents activities from motivation’s activities to specific works with robotic devices, whose characteristics will be appropriate for students of those ages. With these didactics strategy we will cover and work different contents of the 2nd stage of pre-school curriculum in a motivating way to prove that through the proposed activities the students will assimilate and consolidate their own learning and knowledge of their educational level.

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