Surgery of otosclerosis: audiometric results, predictive factors of functional failure

Hicham Attifi., Karim Nadour., Mounir Hmidi., Nabil Touihem., Ali Elboukhari and Mohammed Zalagh

The treatment of otosclerosis is essentially surgical. Several factors may influence the quality of postoperative functional outcomes. The aim of our study was to evaluate our audiometric results and to study the predictive factors of functional failure. Our study was retrospective involving 52 patients operated for otosclerosis in the ENT department of the Military Hospital Moulay Ismail of Meknes during a period of 7 years, from 1 January 2009 to 31 December 2015. Our series included 19 men and 33 women. The average age of our patients at intervention’s time was 38 years. The mean preoperative thresholds for bone and air conductions were respectively 16,7 dB and 4,9 dB, and the average Air-bone gap was 32,7 dB. The footplate gesture was a total stapedectomy in 50% of cases, a partial stapedectomy in 26.79% of cases and a stapedotomy in 23.21% of the cases. Atlast year’s control, the average postoperative Air-bone gap was 8.3 dB and the Air-bone gap’s closure was obtained in 80,9% of cases. After multivariate study with logistic regression, we selected two significant predictors of functional failure factors: age (Odds Ratio: 2.4 / p: 0.0406) and Aubry’s audiometric stage (Odds Ratio: 5.65 / p: 0.0098).

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