A study on the role of defamation in tamil nadu politics

Susruthan N.K and Siddhi Shaji S

This paper explores the study on the role defamation in Tamil Nadu politics. The term defamation is arrived from Latin word ‘Diffamare’. Linguistics or Etymology of the Latin word ‘Diffamare’ provides that it means that 'Spreading evil report regarding someone'. Section 499 and 500 of Indian penal code talks about defamation and its punishments. Basically defamation plays vital role in our country by narrow down to the defamation in Tamil Nadu politics .Frightened by the line of criminal slander cases released on political rivals of Tamil Nadu former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa through the State apparatus, the Supreme Court was defied with the ramifications of its own May 2016 judgment maintaining the penalisations. Dr.J.Jayalalithaa filed defamation cases against her rival parties. And this about history of defamation, legal provisions for defamation, need for reform of defamation laws and Defamation in Tamil Nadu Politics

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24327/ijcar.2017.6769.1012
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