The study of relation between achievement motivation level and features of loss experience of significant other


The article presents the results of the study of the connection between the achievement motivation and the peculiarities of experiencing the loss of a significant Other. The classical approaches to understandinggrief and loss are analyzed, the significance of psychological personality work which gives opportunity to cope with grief effectively, to survive it and to develop the experience as a successful result of grief is shown. It is assumed that the two motivational determinants - seek of success and fear of failure - can influence the processes of experiencing loss and coping with grief, while the experience of grief itselfaffects motivational determinants of the individual. The relationship between achievement motivation in the form of a motive for success and the motive for fearof failure and traumatic experience of grief in the form of intrusion of experience and avoidance of experience is mediated by the degree of arbitrariness and involvement in personality work that individualaccomplish with his own experience of loss.

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