A study to assess the knowledge of eligible women regarding emergency contraceptives at anagaputhur, chennai

Jegatha, C

Emergency contraceptive is a type of contraception which is indicated after unprotected sexual intercourse ;following misuse or non use of contraception .EC include the use of emergency contraceptive pills ,insertion of IUD ,condom.

EC pills are also known as morning after pills ;post coital contraception or vacation pill ECP includes the use of an increased dose of combined oral contraceptive pills containing ethylestradial and levonorgestrrol or the use of high dose progestin only pills (pops)containing levongestrol .ECP are effective only if used within 72 hrs after unprotected sex ECP can prevent pregnancy by delaying or inhibiting ovulation ,prevent implementation fertilization or transport of the sperm or ovum .mala-D and mala-N are commonly used.

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