Study of appropriateness of turbo-matching of b60j67 and a58n72 turbo-chargers for a commercial vehicle engine

Badal Dev Roy and Saravanan, R

Turbocharger is used to boost the charge in internal combustion engines to achieve effectiveness of driving especially at higher load. Such turbo-charger cannot be selected arbitrarily for the desired engine and such selection is tedious process and needs professional care. This study focuses on investigation of appropriateness in the turbo-matching of turbo chargers to desired engine by simulation and on road test. The objective of work is to find the appropriateness of matching of turbo-chargers with trim 67 (B60J67) and trim 72 (A58N72) for the TATA 497 TCIC -BS III engine. In the road-test (data-logger method) the road routes like Rough road, highway and slope up were considered for evaluation. The operating conditions with respect various speeds, routes and simulated were compared with help of compressor map.

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