Status of partial edentulism in the rural area of thiruvallur

Hena Mariam Fathima., Dhanraj and Marian Anand

Aim: To determine the status of partial edentulism in the rural area of Thiruvallur

Materials and Methods: A simple random sampling was carried out among 250 individuals in the rural district of Thiruvallur. A self assessed questionnaire comprising of 12 questions was given and a clinical examination was conducted. Out of the 250 individuals, 102 were partially edentulous. The information was gathered based on various demographics.

Background: Partial edentulousness is a dental arch in which one or more but not all natural teeth are missing. Generally, it occurs by caries, periodontal problems, traumatic injuries and cystic lesions. Partial edentulism leads to several drawbacks to the subjects including clinical challenges and lifestyle compromises. Clinically, partial edentulism results in drifting and tilting of adjacent teeth, supra eruption of opposing teeth, altered speech, changes in facial appearance and tempero-mandibular disorders.

Reason: Studies related to partial edentulism are scarce especially in the rural parts of South India, even though it affects many. It affects the patient's life drastically and knowing the status of partial edentulism in that area can help combat it.

Result: The prevalence of partial edentulism in the study population form rural Thiruvallur area is relatively high.

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