Sex determination using dry human scapula

Ashwin Kumar S.P and Karpagam

Aim: To determine the sex of the dry human scapulae using formulated criteria.
Objective: To attain a knowledge on the parameters which determine the sex of the dry scapulae.
Background & Reason: Sexual dimorphism is a key role for forensic anthropology. It allows ascertaining the sex of certain biological discoveries. By postmortem studies it is possible to establish a profile of individuals. This profile allows the identification in cases where bodies are skeletonized. Several bones present dimorphism and have been studied to increase approach for forensic identification. This study will morphometrically evaluate the scapula bone and compare the measurements between scapula bone of female and male cadavers.
Results: The dimensions of the dry male human scapula bone are different from that of the female which will help us to determine the sex.

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