Science teachers’ classroom behaviour management and its relationship with attitude towards constructivist approach in teaching

Ujjwal Paul and Abhijit Guha

Classroom behaviour management belief of school science teachers places an affirmative effect on teachers’ positive attitude towards constructivist approach in teaching. Teachers' behaviour management is a significant construct that shapes teacher efficiency in the classroom. Constructivism as a set of beliefs provides a sculpt of cognition that leads directly impact in teaching that, in turn, credits the student with the power to become an dynamic learner. The present study was conducted to find out the present status of school science teachers' behaviour management in West Bengal (W.B.) while adopting Constructivist approach in their teaching strategy and its relationship (i.e. classroom behavior management and constructivist approach in teaching). BIMS and CASST scales were administered on 836 randomly selected school science teachers for measuring their behaviour management variability according to their categorical variations and its relation with attitude towards Constructivist approach in teaching. The major findings were observed that the difference in mean score of behaviour management belief of science teachers with respect to gender, location, teaching experience were insignificant but the difference between trained and untrained teachers in behaviour management belief was statistically significant. Lastly, teachers’ behaviour management and their attitudes towards Constructivist approach in teaching share a moderately low positive correlation which is also statistically significant.

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