Role of assorted industrial asthmagens: hypotheses on contemporary approach to target disease knowledge and medication adherence and treat occupation induced asthma

Muthukumar. A and SundaraGanapathy .R

Patient education and drug adherence are most important factors that determine therapeutic outcomes; especially in patients are affliction from work induced chronic illness. Whatever the therapeutic efficacy of drug regimen, it cannot act unless otherwise the patients take it properly. Poor knowledge and medication adherence will assume importance as it seriously undermines the benefits of current treatment and imposes a significant pecuniary burden on individual patients and health care system. Patient should have knowledge in their etiology, usage of drug regarding occupation induced bronchial asthma. Estimation of patient knowledge and attitude is a crucial for the health improvements and wellbeing as well as preventing them from complications. In India, patients are scarceness of data concerning knowledge and drug devotion within the textile asthmagens induced occupational asthma. The current approach to expressed prevention and management of drug therapy against bronchial asthma but which had severe side effects and lesser therapeutic efficacy. Adverse drug reactions are produced by irrational treatment and rebelliousness. Based on current situation, these hypotheses exemplify to augment the efficacy of disease knowledge and drug obedience in a new way to treat employment induces asthma.

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