Review: list of medicinal plants for gastritis

Poojitha M., Swarnalatha G and MeenakshiSundaram R

As the gastritis is becoming a major health issue in now days. It is the common most condition and symptom associated with any kind of disease. Even though we have many allopathic drugs to treat the condition but it is not up to the mark. Whereas the condition is repetitive even though it is treated with different kinds of drugs with different drugs in different doses based on the patient condition. Inspite of the available treatment there are many adverse effects of those conventional drugs available for treating the condition based on its root of cause. To overcome those adverse effects treatment with herbal medicine is suggested and that too people are choosing the home remedies including small and available herbs in their day to day life. In such a case the treatment for the condition with a non-adverse drugs or medications including plant extracts which has been practised in earlier days is most preferable.Thepresent review focus on the list of conventional drugs available in the market along with their serious adverse effects and also the list of medicinal plants which can be used as an alternative of synthetic drugs without any adverse effects.

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