Renewable energy agriculture monitoring system using fuzzy based pid controller

Anu, D., Selvasankari T and Srinivasan R

Agricultural operations are constantly becoming technology-driven mainly due to labor shortages, increase in labor cost, and trends in new and advanced technology applications. Solar energy is one of the renewable energy sources, which is significantly contributing to the sustainable energy supply. The objective of this paper is to propose a novel environment information monitoring and controlling system operating under less controlled environment conditions. A major concept related to solar energy and PV systems is remote monitoring. Remote monitoring is on-line real-time monitoring and controlling of the field equipment, transmitting the real time testing data to the terminal to forecast. PV which generate electricity from solar radiation. The novelty of our approach relies on the fact that it is operational even in the case of a huge spread deployment of PV system. Our solution aims to be a good replacement of manual module checking which is not recommended because of time-consuming, less accuracy and potentially dangerous to the operator. Simulation is carried out using proteus software.Hardware implementation of Automatic agricultural monitoring can also be done in fuzzy based PID controller using lab view.

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