Relationship between bmi and caries experience among 15 year old students in india – a cross sectional study

Sagar Kumbhar., Puja Yavagal and Nagesh Lakshminarayan

Background: The growing prevalence of increased obesity has raised steadily both in developed and developing countries. Being overweight in adolescence is a predictor of subsequent adult obesity. Obesity has adverse effects on general health and numerous comorbidities. Oral diseases are one such group of obesity comorbidities, and dental caries is considered as one among the oral diseases sharing some common risk factors with obesity. Aim: To assess the relationship between body mass index and dental caries experience among 15 year old students in Davangere city.
Methods: A cross sectional survey was conducted among 1200, 15 year old students from government and private high schools in Davangere city. With the help of self-designed pretested proforma details regarding socio-demographic characteristics of the subjects were obtained. Body mass index was measured using Quetlet’s Index and dental caries experience was assessed by using DMFT index. The data obtained was analyzed using unpaired t test, one-way Analysis of variance and Multivariate logistic regression analysis.
Results: Caries experience was high among obese subjects compared to underweight and normal weight subjects but this was not statistically significant.
Conclusion: Body Mass Index was not significantly associated with dental caries experience among 15 year old students in Davangere city.

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